Quantraders is discretionary trading, algo trading, development, programming, diversification, social trading, risk control for futures and stock markets.

We have been trading on world derivatives and stock exchanges for more than thirteen years since 2008. During that time, we have gained a lot of experience both in the field of discretionary trading and especially in the environment of algo trading, which is an absolute priority for us today. Nowadays, when we are able to track and test thousands of trades in minutes, this approach generates a significant advantage in the marketplace. We primarily focus on the development and trading of intraday and swing trading strategies in futures and stock markets. Today we already know that it is not necessary to create complicated trading systems, but the most important in the market is diversification, risk control, and simple robust logic.

Now every trader has the opportunity to join futures trading within our trading systems, which are available through our partner company Striker Securities. Join us and take advantage of the high return of your investment!

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