Futures trading has long been part of our investment portfolio. For futures, we focus primarily on trading intraday and shorter swing trading strategies, which allow their higher leverage to create a solid average profit per trade, even for such short trades.

All intraday trading systems trade on both the long and short side, allowing you to profit in a market where prices are not only rising but also falling. We have been trading all our futures trading strategies for really long years with very interesting results!

All of our futures trading strategies are also available to a wide base of retailers through our partner Striker Securities, where perfect execution and related services are provided. At the beginning of 2021, we launched the new DRIVER Diversity portfolio, which is solidly diversified by both intraday and swing strategies and which generated a profit of 44% in 2021 after all fees! Of course, there are other our futures trading strategies that have trading records audited for years, so they already exceed two hundred percent, calculated from the suggested capital.